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Intense Man

Intense Man, Deluxe edition, a nicely scented oudi composition, for Him.

Deluxe edition incorporates the seeming absent notes in the previous edition.

We sense more fruity top notes in Deluxe Edition.

GH₵110.00 GH₵85.00

Midnight Oud

The captivating men’s scent of Fragrance World Midnight Oud is as persuasive as the insistent invitation. This scent will capture your senses and give you a self-confident feeling. The intense fragrance of the Kelsey Berwin Midnight Oud fragrance is made for special ocassions.

Every man desires to smell so so good and at the same time feel confident. This is the masculine smell of Kelsey Berwin Midnight Oud, which blends sensual essences. This is distinctive and unforgettable composition. The endurance of this fragrance is very long.

Men’s fragrance Kelsey Berwin Midnight Oud is the embodiment of masculinity and sophistication. It is distinctive, charismatic and profound. Its dynamic elegance will perfectly complement you. Discover the magic of attraction that conceals the masculine scent of Kelsey Berwin Midnight Oud!

GH₵120.00 GH₵90.00


Ophylia perfume gives you that aura you need each time and every where you go. A confidence boosting scent for men.

  • Volume: 80ml
  • Fragrance Type: Eau de Parfum
  • Long Lasting and Refreshing Fragrance
  • Recommended for all day wear
GH₵100.00 GH₵85.00

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